Founder & Director @ South County Cats

Sally Halela is the founder and director of South County Cats. She began her work as an animal welfare volunteer in 1982 as a volunteer at Seattle Humane’s senior citizen pet food bank. She has volunteered for Regional Animal Services-King County since 1998. She has also volunteered for Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project, MEOW Cat Rescue, Pasado's Spay Station and PAWS. 

Sally started South County Cats (SCC) in July 2006. Over 13,000 cats have been spayed or neutered through SCC's programs. Sally is an active TNR advocate and volunteer. 

In 2012 Sally brought Pasado’s Safe Haven’s state-of-the-art mobile Spay Station back to south King County.  Nearly all cat surgeries at Pasado’s Safe Haven’s south King County Spay Station are subsidized by South County Cats. 

Sally has a degree in Computer Science. She worked at Boeing for 18 years and currently works part-time as paraeducator in the Kent school district.